About Washable Kraft Paper

Tough, touchable paper that combines the best of leather and fabric

Washable Kraft Paper / Kraft-tex (水洗牛皮纸) is a German engineered paper that were used in making jeans tags. It is made from natural paper fiber that has been tanned, resulting it to be very durable and water resistance, thus the name washable. It is biodegradable and can be recycled. This light and versatile material sews, cuts, and washes just like fabric. The fiber-based texture softens and crinkles with handling and washing. It was also known as faux leather paper as it will aged and soften, forming wrinkly marks like leather.

Here in B'Nottee, we work and play with this amazing material; exploring its unlimited possibilities. We had also paint, silkscreen printed and hand-dyed it with our own special colors and turning them into our wonderful products!


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