"Cherish every moments and the little things around you ~"

 We love and treasure the little things and little moments in life. Take it slow and enjoy the little things. 

We enjoy simple effortless luxury, staying true to the raw and unpretentious life. We think that line shouldn’t be always straight as we are all organic and imperfectly perfect. 

We just want to be ourselves and share our creations. Life should be quirky and fun. Add a little 'Notteeness' to your life, starting from your own little corner, your own little desk... Let's hop on to an amazing adventure in everyday life, by cherishing each moments and each little thing! ~ 


Hello, we are Edmund & E-jie, the founder and creator of B'Nottee (be-No-tee). We founded B’Nottee in 2015 to share our love to create and passion in handmade to all. We believed that the product should be simple to use, eco-friendly and hand-made.

The original B’Nottee products are hand-made and in limited production, including colors and designs. We work in "Make Fresh and Sell Fresh" concept to ensure that you have the most unique and special product. Notebook covers, inserts, stationery and accessories are hand-dyed, silk screened and sewn using eco-friendly raw material sourced mainly from China, Italy and USA. They are your perfect everyday companion for all your "sweet little moments" in life. Let's B'NOTTEE.



2018 Calendar, Malaysian Holiday & Weather Sticker Set


家 Wonderful Home Sticker Set



E-llie Daily 艾俐日常 Sticker Set