Sketchbook Insert (A5 Horizontal) Set


RM36 for 2x Sketchbook!

Our sketchbook insert are designed to be portable and easy to carry in our NotteeBook coves. We had also handpicked high quality sketch paper where you can also use wet medium such as watercolor or gouache on it without paper bits! We had also added perforated lines at each page so that you can easily tear our each page.

  • 32 pages 
  • 180 gsm high quality sketch paper
  • with perforated lines 
  • each purchase will include a free Craft Folder cover. It is also best for inserting these sketchbooks to our NotteeBook / Elemental Cover. 

*as the sketch paper are NOT watercolor paper, do be aware on the amount of water used in your art work for best results.~


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