Hide & Seek Mr Tapir NotteeBook 1+2 Set (Special Edition)


To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, we had create this special edition of 'Hide & Seek Mr Tapir' flap for NotteeBook Cover + 2 Insert Notebook set

NotteeBook comes with an inter-changeable flap where you can change it up depending on the function and your mood. It opens up to so many fun possibilities and we will have more designs and options very soon. We also include a walnut veneer wood button with your flap. Our NotteeBook is handmade from durable washable kraft paper. The colors and patterns are also hand-dyed, stamped or silkscreen printed. A truly unique journal for everyday!

Each cover comes with 3 sewn card pocket in the front and 1 changeable flap with matching button. The system we used are elastic band travel journal system where the insert notebooks are inter-changeable.

In a set, you can select 2 insert notebooks with your cover. Choose 2  - Quarterly, Craft or Dotted

NotteeBook cover : A5 size (22cm x 16.5cm)


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