Slim Washable Kraft Paper Traveler’s Notebook


Traveler's notebooks need sturdy cover. Our covers are made from two layers of water resistance washable craft papers which are as durable as leather and environmental friendly. They are hand-dyed according to our desired colour, thus giving its uniqueness and charm. The covers are then hand-sewn and pockets are added.

Each cover can fit up to four notebook inserts* (refill) and it is made with a wider width so that you can insert additional notebook tabs. It has three business card pocket slots on one side and a long pocket on the other side of the cover for you to keep receipts, cards and etc.

- Slim size: 125mm W x 220mm L (Folded)

Each cover will come with 2 elastic bands; one in the center for 2 inserts and one more to wrap the cover 

*Note: Inserts are sold separately 

 **No animal was harmed in the making of this product :D**

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